Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Adventures of The EDM Zombie: Rise at Night.

August 23, 2014, marked the first annual Rise at Night block party presented by Electric Circus.  Featuring a large outside stage and two inside stages.  There was music for everyone here.   Having the outside stage was nice, this allowed those who are under 21 to experience what Electric Circus has to offer.  But outside also gave us a different feeling. Somewhat like a mini-festival if you will, complete with food trucks, t-shirt vendor, hula and poi performers, with an added plus of an outside bar.

What is a good evening without the talent though.  There was quite an impressive line up.  On the inside stage we had DJ Moody, Bwen, Noizmekka, Kudos, Jonny Tsunami, Crystal Vision, Drumaddic, and aBSrd.  On the outside stage we had Astronoize, KrewX, Eli Stephens, Zach Fast, Darku J, Kylie & Logan, and the headliner Mantis.  

Of course, being of the zombie persuasion, I do have special powers.  But being in multiple places at once is not one of those powers.  So I concentrated my efforts on the outside stage.  My picks for the evening was split in two that evening.  In was a split decision between Zach Fast and Mantis.  I'm always going to be a Trance kid at heart, so to hear Zach Fast mix in some trance, my head was swimming with delight. However, my head just about exploded to the deep, dark, and heavy dubstep that Mantis was throwing our way.  When Mantis took stage, it truly got insane outside.  

I will have to say that another interesting set for the evening was Kylie and Logan.  The mixture of EDM and a live drummer is something you don't see everyday.  There has to be some true talent there to be able to match everything up mixing wise with the live drums.  Kudos to both of you! Truly enjoyed it.  And lets not forget Darku J dropping his new EP Baddman on us.  Wicked. 

All in all it was a job well done Electric Circus!  Had a fantastic time, met some awesome people, and listened to a fantastic representation of Oklahoma EDM.  Good job too landing Mantis as the headliner.  Couldn't have ended the evening better.  Will there be a second annual Rise at Night?  If there is I know I will be there.

Photos by Kenrose Photography

Monday, July 21, 2014

Show Review — Luvbass @ Sauced 7/19

Michelle Nhin, Luvbass, Sauced, Paseo, Mark Taylor, Aaron Morgan, Frank Grimes, House, Drum and Bass, EDM, Rave, Electronic Dance Music, Sign, Vinyl, Banner, Oklahoma City, Shawn Kelevra Michelle Nhin, Luvbass, Sauced, Paseo, Mark Taylor, Aaron Morgan, Frank Grimes, House, Drum and Bass, EDM, Rave, Electronic Dance Music, Painting, Art, Mural, Graffiti, Oklahoma City, Shawn Kelevra

OKLAHOMA CITY — In the corner of the Paseo district there is Sauced on Paseo. Not your typical location for some DJs, but Sauce on the Side had LuvBass productions light up the night with some electronic beats. With the live band outdoors and the perfect weather, it was hard to pull away. But, the bass took me indoors.

Michelle Nhin, Luvbass, Sauced, Paseo, Mark Taylor, Aaron Morgan, Frank Grimes, House, Drum and Bass, EDM, Electronic Dance Music, Rave, Vinyl, Turntables, Oklahoma City, Shawn Kelevra
Mark Taylor // Photo by Shawn Kelevra 

Mark Taylor and Aaron Morgan have been switching on and off since 9. Being the co-captains for the production group, they like to start things off. Like all local venues, the night started off slow. The duo mixed some cool funky tunes then into heavier bass with a really awesome tribute to Porter Robinson by Mark Taylor. People came and went, none too interested in the actual music as they were in the lasers. Sadly, DJ Diverse did not feel too well so Mark and Aaron played for two hours before the next DJ.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Adventures of the EDM Zombie: The Outbreak Tour

Zomboy, Cookie Monsta, and Eptic invaded Tulsa at the Cain's Ballroom on July 9th.  It was a hot evening, but that didn't stop the music and crowd from coming alive!  For the majority, the crowd was on the younger side, but the vibe was right.  The Cain's has never disappointed me, with a superb sound system and the crowd is there for the unity of the music.  I definitely met some great people that night, from Batgirl, to Gumby, to the the guy in the biohazard threads that could shuffle.  On a whole, the show was completely worth the price.

Eptic started our evening with some dark and fast dubstep, mixing in some house, and electro as well. The whole crowd was already jumping. His energy flew across the crowd from the very beginning.