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Rezz Manipulates Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY—Rezz’s ‘Mass Manipulation Tour’ proved to be out-of-this-world with her unique sound and ability to manipulate the crowd.
Just shortly after Rezz released one of her new songs from the Mass Manipulation album, the news of a tour coming to Oklahoma with the support of Bleep Bloop created internet buzz, proving this would be one of the most important nights for the electronic music scene in Oklahoma.
The tour was brought to Oklahoma City by Landrunners, and ended up being one of their most successful recent events.
“Looking back on it, this show had just as much buzz as when we brought Rae Sremmurd into the same venue last year, and they had the Billboard #1 hit at the time with Black Beatles. So it was really amazing seeing that many people there to see an act who has barely broken into the mainstream. It really speaks to how fast the city and the live touring industry as a whole have both been growing lately” said Sam Chase, founder of Landrunners.
It came as no surprise to…

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