Rezz Manipulates Oklahoma City

 Photo by  Jarvisphoto

Photo by Jarvisphoto

OKLAHOMA CITY—Rezz’s ‘Mass Manipulation Tour’ proved to be out-of-this-world with her unique sound and ability to manipulate the crowd.  

Just shortly after Rezz released one of her new songs from the Mass Manipulation album, the news of a tour coming to Oklahoma with the support of Bleep Bloop created internet buzz, proving this would be one of the most important nights for the electronic music scene in Oklahoma.

It came as no surprise to see the line wrapping around Farmer’s Market as fans were eagerly waiting to enter the building to experience what can only be described as “Mass Manipulation.”

Photo by Jarvisphoto

An already stacked lineup proved to be even better with direct support from XORO, a dark bass project helmed by Dropshop and Jynxx. Their experimental sounds and unique style allowed them to hype up the crowd and set the tone for Bleep Bloop and Rezz.  

Photo by Jarvisphoto

Perhaps one of the most impressive parts of the Mass Manipulation tour was seeing Rezz’s comic book ‘Mass Manipulation’ come to life inside of her visuals. The unique cartoon shows Rezz arriving on Earth to befriend two humans and hypnotizing them with her music. In addition to the visuals, the lights illuminated the stage creating what looked like something straight out of a science fiction movie. 

Oklahoma City was just one of the stops that Rezz has on her tour. She will continue touring with dates in California, Colorado, Arizona, London, France, Hungary, New Zealand, and Australia.