The Crystal Method Returns to OKC

 The Crystal Method; photo by  Heyisti

The Crystal Method; photo by Heyisti

The Crystal Method finally returned to Oklahoma City after nearly 20 years of being away, thanks to Subsonix and Tower Theater. With a full house and The Crystal Method's old school appeal, this provided to be an educational show for one of the most diverse audiences Subsonix and the Oklahoma rave scene has observed. The show appealed to both young and old, with multiple generations of ravers in the audience.

"I thought it was nice to see so many different generations of people coming together to celebrate a unique artist," said Jesse Strange. "Whether young or old it seemed like everyone had their niche and enjoyed themselves."


Levi Roberts

 Levi Roberts; photo by  Heyisti

Levi Roberts; photo by Heyisti

More than 100 people were already in the Tower Theater before Levi Roberts started his early set, with more still in line to get in. He chose to set the tone of the night with some mellow break beats; with exclusive tunes from Left/Right, Deekline, and other underground breaks producers.

"Levi did awesome just winging it, and playing something different and unique that not many new DJs play out these days," Strange said.

Darian Sparks

 Darian Sparks; photo by  Heyisti

Darian Sparks; photo by Heyisti

Darian Sparks took the stage second with some UK house music and night bass to carry the energy. His blend of new undergound music and nostalgia samples had the crowd dancing and cheering for more.

"Darian was phenomenal. The Cazztek remix of 'Power' he played stuck out and has been in my head ever since. Also really glad to see a friend of mine getting a good opportunity to play his style. I look forward to seeing his development as an artist," Strange said.

Travis Traps

 Travis Traps; photo by  Heyisti

Travis Traps; photo by Heyisti

By the time Travis Traps hit the stage, it was already hard to navigate through the crowded dance floor. Travis showed his origins, as T-Rave, with his selection of rave classics, driving electro, and an eclectic collection of house music. This was Travis's last show as Travis Traps. After more than four years of DJing; he showed how much he has matured and progressed as a DJ, performer, and an influencer.

"I always love seeing artists step outside the box and go against what their name or reputation suggests. It shows their creativity and diversity, which is somewhat lacking in modern DJ culture," Strange said.

"I especially loved Travis Traps's set," said Sheila Guffey. "He came on and everyone came towards the front and started to dance."

The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method schooled the crowd with a wide array of old school electronic tunes, including breakbeat, techno, acid, drum and bass, and even some sprinkles of newer trap and bass music.The crowd was engaged in his set and could be heard cheering and singing along for the majority of the night.

"I danced my ass off from 8pm to almost 1am. It was an absolute blast," Guffey said. "My friends and I loved The Crystal Method's set and The Tower. I’m hoping this show inspires The Tower to do more EDM events."

The Crystal Method is planning a new album release next spring or early summer, and he debuted a new single from his upcoming release.

"Getting to see a DJ perform and not just jump around saying put your hands up was refreshing to say the least," Strange said. "The show as a whole was amazing from the venue, to sound, and even the production was perfect. I couldn't have been more happy with how the evening turned out. Glad to see that underground house, breaks, and techno can still bring out some folks and offer something different to the scene. I hope to see more shows like this in the future and hope the scene will support it. House is alive and well, I'd say."

Overall his performance was really energetic and had a very warm sound, almost as if most of his tracks were played straight from a vinyl record. This is one DJ set that Oklahoma City will remember for years to come.